TaylorMade GAPR™

Could Fill the Gaps in Your Long Game

It’s nothing new for Taylormade to be at the forefront of innovation in golf so it should come as no surprise when the company unveils something as revolutionary as GAPR™. When the company introduced the world to the first hybrid rescue clubs in 1999 there were some murmurs of dissent as not everyone was ready for a new way to play. In the intervening years the hybrid had become an indispensable feature for the vast majority of golfers however, more recently their popularity has declined on tour. The introduction of a new way to bridge the gaps in a set of clubs is precisely the sort of forward thinking, problem solving approach to product development that is expected from TaylorMade.

What is GAPR™?

GAPR™ is a new category of clubs that span the gaps between the longest playable iron and the shortest possible wood. Instead of making do with a club that is one side of the distance gap or the other the new system gives you an option that is ideally suited to those shots. Do you find the 3-5 iron range difficult when it comes to accurate distance? Perhaps the shorter woods seem tricky to control over shorter shots. Either way, there are now three specific clubs to fill those gaps and put you in the best possible place for the next shot.

One of the key features of the new GAPR™ category is the inclusion of SpeedFoam technology that has proven so successful in the P790 Irons. The cavity of each of the GAPR™ clubs in filled by injecting liquid SpeedFoam that fills all available space. Once the foam has cured it serves to dampen vibration, improve the sound and feel of the club and provide additional rebound force behind the club face to add distance. This filled cavity allowed the engineers to move the centre of gravity to an almost impossibly low point which, in turn, improves launch characteristics and playability.

The Three Options for GAPR™

GAPR™ Lo - Extreme Distance

This is the club for you if you tend to generate high ball speeds and like a mid to low trajectory. Closer in appearance to a driving iron the GAPR™ Lo is a very workable club with a mid-thin sole. This set up is ideal for the stronger golfer looking for more distance with added versatility.

Taylormade GAPR Lo Club Head
Taylormade GAPR Lo address view of golf club
Taylormade GAPR Loe golf club toe view
Taylormade GAPR Lo Club face view
2 17° 40.25”
3 19° 39.75”
4 22° 39.25”

Stock Shaft: KBS Hybrid
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
RRP: £259 each.

GAPR™ Mid - The Players Club

The Mid is larger than the Lo and is a forgiving club that can be put to good use by golfers of all abilities. The same low, forward centre of gravity gives the GAPR™ Mid incredible distance with a mid to high trajectory. The iron like face profile makes this an easy club to work with thanks to the ease of alignment.

Taylormade GAPR Mid club head view
Taylormade GAPR Mid golf club view at address
Taylormade GAPR Mid Golf Club Toe angle
Taylormade GAPR Mid Golf Club Face view
3 18° 40.25”
4 21° 39.75”
5 24° 39.25”

Stock Shaft: KBS Hybrid
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
RRP: £259 each.


The GAPR™ Hi has the potential to be used by the widest range of skill levels and is the largest of the three. It has a high trajectory thanks to the low, set back centre of gravity. Of the three this club is most like a hybrid in appearance with a larger club head, high toe and dropped crown that allows for a lower CoG.

Taylormade GAPR Hi Golf Club 2018 Head view
Taylormade GAPR Hi View of golf club at address
Taylormade GAPR Hi Golf Club Toe View
Taylormade GAPR Hi Golf Club Face
3 19° 40.75”
4 22° 39.25”
5 25° 39.75”
6 28° 39.25”

Stock Shaft: KBS Hybrid
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
RRP: £259 each.
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