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TaylorMade’s New 2020 SIM Golf Clubs are Here

This season TaylorMade are building on the success of the 2019 M5 and M6 with a new set of SIM metalwoods that are no longer part of the M Family but are literally Shape In Motion. Some familiar technology has been carried over after proving to be so successful in earlier clubs. The new SIM drivers, fairways and rescue clubs are all sporting the now legendary Twist Face technology along with the sweet sounding Speed Pocket, Speed Injection and a Multi-Material Construction. Accompanying the tried and tested elements and in true TaylorMade style there are some radical additions to the 2020 line up that make the new SIM metalwoods stand out from the crowd.

The SIM Driver from TaylorMade

New TaylorMade SIM Driver
New TaylorMade SIM Driver Technical Drawing

SIM Driver Features:

The first and most obvious feature of the new 2020 SIM driver is the shape. Unless you have been living under a very large rock for the last 20 years it would be impossible to not see the benefits that come with improved aerodynamics. The SIM driver has been designed with an Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole coupled to an Inertia Generator. Now is not the time for a physics lesson but generating more inertia through your golf swing is certainly a good thing. Making the most of that inertia by not being held up due to air resistance amplifies the effect.

Adjustability has been a cornerstone of TaylorMade metalwoods for years. The 2020 SIM driver maintains the tradition of a highly adjustable club with a moveable weight and tunable loft sleeve. These two features combined can help to fine tune the ball trajectory for maximum accuracy. Add or remove 2 degrees of loft and set up 20 yards of either draw or fade bias to truly personalise the performance of the new SIM driver.

The 2020 SIM Fairway Wood

New TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood
New TaylorMade SIM Fairway Wood Technical Drawing

SIM Fairway Wood Features:

Diehard TaylorMade fans will already be familiar with the idea behind the Multi-Material construction of the brand's metalwoods. The new 2020 SIM fairway woods goes even further down the multi-material route by not only having a carbon crown and lashings of titanium but also the V Steel™ Sole Design. This steel sole improves the interaction between club and turf through a reduction in friction and adds a degree of versatility in difficult lies.

The Twist face technology is present again for the 2020 SIM fairway wood but there is now an Ultra-strong C200 steel being used as the face material. This steel lends additional explosive power due to its strength but doesn't add useless weight in the process. The SIM Max fairway also comes in a Rocket 3 which is a 14 degree option that can really punch the ball and, with a 185cc head, deliver huge distance with maximum control.

The SIM Rescue Clubs from TaylorMade

New TaylorMade SIM Rescue
New TaylorMade SIM Rescue toe view

SIM Rescue Features:

If you don't have a rescue (or hybrid) golf club in your bag by now you are missing out. TaylorMade have been steadily refining and improving the performance of this type of club for a number of years now and the results are, frankly, staggering. The new SIM rescue club is loaded with all the technology you expect from a fairway wood (and some you expect in a driver) to give you total control no matter where you end up.

Adding the SIM hybrid to your bag will give you the V Steel™ Sole Design, Twist Face Technology, the same C300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face the SIM fairway wood uses and the Speed Pocket™ seen on all of the 2020 metalwoods. In short the SIM hybrid is the total package and can be used to great effect when the going gets tough.

The SIM Max and SIM Max OS Irons

New TaylorMade SIM Max Irons
New TaylorMade SIM Max OS Irons

SIM Max/OS Iron Features:

The new SIM Max and SIM Max OS irons are fully loaded with the kind of cutting edge tech we expect from TaylorMade. Both sets of irons have the Revolutionary Speed Bridge™ technology that supports the topline and the ECHO® Damping System that effectively kills unwanted vibration. The new SIM Max and SIM Max OS irons also share the now familiar TaylorMade Speed Pocket™ that delivers scorching speed on low face strikes but that is where the two sets diverge.

There are some important differences that separate the SIM Max from the SIM Max OS irons. The SIM Max irons have an ultra thin face backed by TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology. This combination promotes straighter shots and increases ball speed. The SIM Max OS irons are a little more forgiving with a large face area and a low center of gravity. Having two options to choose from allows more golfers to experience the new SIM irons and get the most out of their game.

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