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Titleist TSR Drivers Range

Titleist are taking their driver and fairway ranges to unprecedented levels with their new TSR collection - the third and final generation of the Titleist Speed Project.

The TSR takes over where the TSi left off - offering the most complete tour-ready driver and fairway range, optimised for playability at any distance, fairway forgiveness and ultimate control throughout.

The TSR range is coming off the back of the TSi being Titleist's highest selling driver, and, seeing as the TSi drivers were Cameron Smith’s chosen driver for his win at the 2022 Open, this new range has big boots to fill.

Each of the three TSR divers contains the following incredible tech:

  • Advance aerodynamics: a revolutionary “boat tail” design removes drag from the club sole, further increasing swing speed and power.
  • Face design and aerospace metals: the club is stacked full of game-changing materials. High-quality alloys and variable face thickness for specific flexibility and recoil helps every swing type.
  • Performance fitting and holistic MOI: the clubs are designed to fit any style of play, no matter where you need a little support. Multiple head designs and toe-to-heel and crown-to-sole high MOI design guarantees a steady, consistent and powerful drive, every time. While the drivers pack a punch, the fairways give precise control and flight control in droves.

There are 3 drivers in the TSR range:


This high launch, low spin club offers increased control, speed and stability across the face, and, coupled with a significant CG shift, and a Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design this club gives any player the power and confidence to carry any shot down the fairway.


The perfect driver for a player with a consistent impact location, the TSR3 offers Speed Ring Variable Face Thickness Technology, performance-tuned adjustability and improved aerodynamics to make every drive count.


This club is called the ultimate low-spin driver for a reason - offering two different spin reduction settings and a suite of compact, player-preferred shaping options and multi-plateau VFT face construction.

There are three Fairways in the TSR range:


The lowest CG of any fairway Titleist have made, the TSR2 offers flight control and optimised speed, that when coupled with an open hosel construction and high-strength carpenter stainless steel, offers fast, high, pure ball flight.


All the magic of the TSR2, with a larger profile and taller face. This fairway is “built for the tee” - adaptable for strikes off the tee and for more controlled fairway shots, this versatile club offers tour performance, in every swing.


The ultimate in dial-in fairway performance, the TSR3 offers greater precision and adaptability, where players can improve accuracy and strike consistency through the SureFit Adjustable CG Track System.

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