Callaway Fairway Woods

Callaway fairway woods are among the most advanced golf clubs around and that level of technological superiority stems from a long history of research, design, development and victory. From the early days when the company was still called Callaway Hickory Sticks USA and was producing clubs with hickory shafts the drive towards what we see today has been propelling the company forward. Modern Callaway fairway woods share little with their forebears in terms of materials but the focus on premium quality has been consistent throughout.

The current line of Callaway fairway woods include Rogue, XR Speed, Steelhead XR and the ever popular Great Big Bertha Epic. These clubs span the range of requirements of every golfer and deliver characteristics to suit anyone’s game from the elite to the casual player. At the upper end of that scale you’ll find Jailbreak technology paired with super lightweight carbon components that can give marginal gains over the competition. At the other side of the scale there is reliability, forgiveness and sleek design that put the player in control and bring out the pure enjoyment of the game.

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