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Often the truth is stranger than fiction and the story behind the creation of what is widely regarded as the greatest ball in golf is no exception. Back in 1930 when a precision rubber manufacturer and a radiologist decided to fully investigate the reason for a missed putt one Sunday in 1930 they discovered, by the use of X-Rays, that the ball was the issue. From these simple beginnings the Acushnet Golf Division was born and an astonishing 5 years on from the almost Newtonian Apple Falling event the first Titleist golf ball was born.

In the intervening decades the Titleist brand has become a premium powerhouse in the sport with some of the greatest names in golf using their products, in particular the Pro V1 ball. The first time Titleist balls were more common than any other in pro competition was in 1949 and the reputation has built from there. JamGolf is a proud Authorised Online Retailer for Titleist and our team work closely with the company to bring our customers the full range of products and offer as many customisation options possible. We have PGA pros with detailed, in-depth product knowledge available on the phone or live chat to advise you on the advantages of using Titleist to take your game to the next level.

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