Callaway Wedges

The first wedges showed up long before Callaway was even a company (around 50 years before) and changed the way golfers approached shots from soft lies and sand. Since those early days the wedge has become an indispensable tool and the number and specificity has only increased. Callaway wedges have been developed over time with the input of legends like Phil Mickleson and the current range of Mack Daddy wedges use an incredible balance of form and function to produce a true players club. If you are new to golf and want to know why Callaway wedges look the way they do or if you are already using a wedge but want to upgrade we’re here to help.

The pros on han at JamGolf work closely with manufacturers to truly understand the nuances that distinguish each Mack Daddy wedge not only from the competition but from each other. We can advise you on the best wedge to choose based on your play style and can advise you on the various custom options available to make your wedge your own.

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