Ping Fairway Woods

Modern Ping fairway woods are among the most technologically advanced golf clubs around and are the result of generations of incremental improvement and innovation. From the early days until the very latest range, the fairway wood offering from Ping has always been incredibly strong. One of the nicest things about buying Ping golf clubs is you know they won’t be usurped by a newer model almost immediately. Unlike many golf brands Ping do not bring out a new range of clubs just to keep up with the industry. Instead, the designers and engineers take as long as they need to make sure they only release the best products they possibly can.

Have you ever tried a Ping fairway wood? If you have you’ll know the difference but for anyone that has yet to experience true superiority our pros are on hand to let you know what you’re missing. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about Ping as a brand, how their fairway woods could change your game and which clubs would best suit your style.

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