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Ping wedges like all of their incredible golf clubs are among the best that money can buy but, unlike some wedges from other manufacturers, Ping wedges will not bee surpasses, replaced or overtaken by a newer model a few months after launch. When you buy a Ping wedge you know that the club you are getting is the absolute best it can be and has had hundreds of hours of research, design, development and testing dedicated to it. The aim of the current crop of wedges from Ping have been developed to make every golfer a more versatile shot maker by giving them greater control of the trajectory of the ball.

If you have any questions, want to know more or simply want to let us know how much you love Ping wedges we would love to hear from you. Our shop team includes PGA pro golfers but every one of them has intimate knowledge of the Ping range that we stock and can walk you through the advantages of picking Ping.

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