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Ping 2023 Putters

Ping’s new 2022 putter range has combined tour-focus design with accessible consumer results, creating what can only be described as 10 pitch-perfect putters, true to Ping’s quality line of high-class clubs, that can elevate anyone's green game.

As Ping themselves say, “there's a putter to fit every golfer while elevating control and consistency on putts of any length”. Their new range includes a wide array of club designs, but all with one thing in mind - the ball speed and strike consistency will be the same across all blades, but the feel across the 10 clubs will be different.


Anser - This shallow milled, 345g putter employs a clear colour block and immense stability.

Anser 2D - Tony Filou’s putter of choice - PEBAX insert shallow milled face, tungsten toe-heel and forgiveness across the blade.

Kushin 4 - crisp sound at strike and a ball-width cavity floor frames every shot with control and feel.

DS72 - a tour-inspired mid mallet, with the focus pulled forward by the ball-width cavity design.

DS72 C - a centre-shafted head and tungsten toe-weights give this mid mallet fantastic control and accuracy.

DS72 Armlock - all the trappings of the DS72, but with a longer shaft and 6 degrees of standard loft to suit armlock players.

Shea - one of the most consistent mid mallets in the range - tungsten toe-heel weights add stability and extra forgiveness.

Mundy - this mallet offers every player incredible forgiveness on any green, via a low/back CoG, due to the 304 stainless steel sole plate.

Prime Tyne 4 - the twin fork mallet that offers accuracy in spades - shallow milled for a great sound at strike and power throughout.

Tomcat 14 - an aluminium body and 304 SS sole plate gives this club the highest MOI in the range, coupled with a smooth face.

Tyne G - the unique ball-pickup centre cutout design redistributes the club mass to the perimeter, offering added stability.

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