Ping G410 Steel Irons

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Warranty (2 years)
Love it Guarantee
Price match Guarantee


£648.00 inc VAT

To order this product
Call 03330 607141

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Ping G410 Irons - Steel Shafts

In the G410 iron, we took game-improvement technology and reshaped it, giving the model less offset and a shorter blade length while maintaining MOI to create the most forgiving iron on the market for its size. To generate power, face hinging and a larger flexing zone increase ball speeds for more distance and higher peak trajectories so you're able to hit and hold more greens. Feel and sound are improved with a co-molded cavity badge that damps vibrations.

Larger Flexing Zone

The more flexible, free-moving face amplifies ball speeds for greater distance and higher max height, allowing you to hit less club into the green with the control and precision to hold the putting surface.

Clean Look, High MOI

With 10% less offset compared to G400 and a shorter blade length, the G410 iron presents a visually appealing, more refined shape with greater forgiveness than any iron its size.

Toe/Hosel Weighting

The face and cavity structure deliver faster ball speeds and save weight for expanding the perimeter weighting. Weight savings are concentrated in the toe and hosel to increase MOI 8% for more forgiveness and consistency

COR-Eye Technology

The next generation of COR-Eye technology powers the performance in conjunction with the cascading sole design and deep top-rail undercut.

Co-Molded Cavity Badge

A full-cavity, co-molded aluminum and elastomer badge damps vibrations to deliver a powerful, reassuring feel and sound. The resilient hydropearl 2.0 finish allows for a smooth transition through the turf and better contact, which contributes to versatility.

ClubLengthLoftPower Spec LoftRetro Spec LoftLie AngleOffsetBounceSwingweight
4-iron 38 7/8" 20.5° 19.0° n/a 60.5° 0.27" 5.0° D0
5-iron 38 1/4" 23.5° 22.0° n/a 61.0° 0.24" 6.0° D0
6-iron 37 5/8" 26.5° 25.0° n/a 61.5° 0.21" 7.0° D0
7-iron 37" 30.0° 28.5° n/a 62.0° 0.18" 8.0° D0
8-iron 36 1/2" 34.5° 32.5° n/a 62.8° 0.15" 9.0° D0
9-iron 36" 39.5° 37.5° n/a 63.5° 0.13" 11.0° D0.5
PW 35 1/2" 44.5° 42.5° n/a 64.1° 0.11" 12.0° D2
UW 35 1/2" 49.5° 47.5° n/a 64.1° 0.11" 12.0° D2
SW 35 1/4" 54.0° 52.5° n/a 64.4° 0.09" 13.0° D3
LW 35" 58.0° 58.0° n/a 64.6° 0.08" 13.0° D4

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