Ping i210 Irons Steel Shafts

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£660.00 inc VAT

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The I210 Irons from Ping

A larger, softer elastomer insert in the compact head activates at impact for unprecedented feel while a machined face and grooves help provide the impact consistency and distance precision required for scoring. Hot, forgiving long irons and precise, controlled mid and short irons create a high-performing set.

I210 Elastomer

Buttery Feel

The activated elastomer insert is much bigger in volume and 50% softer, creating 25% more face contact, ensuring a pure feel at impact while also returning more energy to the ball.

I210 Elastomer

More Face Contact

The additional volume of the custom tuning port, which also increases perimeter weighting and provides swingweight finetuning, allows for a 30% larger insert and creates 25% more face contact, resulting in activation of the elastomer to ensure a soft, pleasing feel.

I210 Elastomer

Premium Look and Quality

A refined, more compact shape and look combined with minimal, progressive offset help convey the high-end appeal of the set.

I210 Elastomer

Smooth Through Turf

The lead edge and sole profile were enhanced to improve turf interaction for distance precision with workability. A HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish ensures repels water to greatly improve consistency from the rough and wet conditions.

I210 Elastomer

Precision Grooves

Mirroring the Glide 2.0 specs, a sharper edge radius and tighter groove spacing in the pitching wedge and U-wedge provides greater precision and help prevent fliers on shots where control matters most.

3-Iron 39”inches 19.0° 19.0° 21.0° 60.0° 0.21”inches 5.0° D2
4-Iron 38 1/2”inches 22.5° 22.0° 24.5° 60.5° 0.18”inches 6.0° D2
5-Iron 38”inches 26.0° 25.0° 28.0° 61.0° 0.15”inches 7.0° D2
6-Iron 37 1/2”inches 29.5° 28.0° 31.5° 61.5° 0.12”inches 8.0° D2
7-Iron 37”inches 33.0° 31.5° 35.0° 62.0° 0.09”inches 9.0° D2
8-Iron 36 1/2”inches 37.0° 35.5° 39.0° 62.8° 0.07”inches 10.5° D2
9-Iron 36”inches 41.0° 40.0° 43.0° 63.5° 0.05”inches 12.0° D2.5
PW 35 1/2”inches 45.0° 44.5° 47.0° 64.1° 0.03”inches 13.0° D3
UW 35 1/2”inches 50.0° 49.5° 52.0° 64.1° 0.02”inches 13.0° D3

Ping i210 Irons

Reviewed By: Andy Myers

Now I’ve gotten my head around the new Ping model numbering system I must say I am incredibly impressed with these new irons. In a market of cavity backed irons it is difficult to stand out but Ping have created a great iron.

At a first glance it's hard to see an obvious difference between these irons and their predecessors the i200 irons but after a few hits the differences are clear. The head still uses the cavity back design but now it features a larger section in the sole area which sees a 30% bigger Elastomer Insert that is 50% softer than before. This gives a great feeling iron. Also, the shorter irons have a much more player iron appearance which could make these irons appeal to the better golfer.

A great iron once again from Ping and a real rival for the other irons in this category on the market. These are already in the bags of a couple of my students and I can see them staying a while. If you're looking for an alternative to the i200 it might be worth checking out the Ping G400 Irons.

Andy's Pro Tip

The lofts on these irons are not as strong as some others on the market so maybe opt for the ‘Power Spec’ which delofts them and adds distance.



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