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14% Saving

RRP: £139.00

£119.00 inc VAT

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New Hi-Toe Wedges - Incredible Greenside Shotmaking

The HI-TOE offers players incredible versatility around the green. It is engineered to perform on chips, pitches, explosion shots, out of the rough, on flop shots, and bump-and-runs.

  • Aged Copper Finish
  • HI-TOE design creates a higher and more centered center of gravity for a lower launch and more spin
  • Sole cavity features three trapezoid-shaped pockets to optimize weight distribution
  • Full-face scoring lines to ensure consistent ball contact out of rough
  • High bounce leading edge with increased belly moves through the turf or sand with less resistance for better contact
  • Channel Cut Mid-Sole creates a double sole with separate bounce surfaces to prevent excessive digging
  • Enhanced heel, toe relief and trailing edge provide maximum versatility around the greens

Hi Toe Wedges

Reviewed By: Andy Myers

If you remember the launch of the Callaway PM wedges a few years back you’ll recall the somewhat Dorito shaped wedge design and probably wondered what on earth Callaway and lefty were thinking (maybe you thought it was a ‘waste of time’) The idea was to allow wedges to be even more workable in the scoring areas but allowing players to use more of the face.

The Hi Toe is Taylormade’s own take on this and the concept has been refined brilliantly. The higher lofted wedges feature scoring lines/ grooves the whole way along the face which makes them incredibly workable especially for those players who like to play chips and pitches nearer the toe or maybe steeper. Unlike early additions of these head designs we also see stronger lofted wedges – TaylorMade now start at 50 degrees with grind (the 4 way sole is particularly unique in the 56 degree) options now reflecting the shots that need to be played with said clubs.

As with most premium clubs now, we have a great stock shaft with the KBS Hi Rev and the colour scheme throughout is pretty cool.

Well worth looking into if you want some inspiration around the greens. As these are particularly specialist parts of the set, its worth speaking to one of our dedicated PGA professionals who will be on hand to assist you!

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