TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Tiger Woods Grind Wedge

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Tiger Woods Special Edition Grind Wedges from TaylorMade

“Wedges have always been very personal to me. Back in the day, I would test dozens of wedges and hit hundreds of shots before finding the one that would make it into my bag. I’d hand grind the sole myself after each session to make sure it was absolutely perfect. MG2 Tiger Woods Grind wedges are the result of all those years of testing and competing across the globe. The grinds are truly unique and complex, designed by me to perfectly fit my playing style.”

-Tiger Woods

The 56° Tiger Grind with 12° of Bounce

Tiger’s 56° wedge features a dual sole grind with heavy heel relief. The setup is built for versatility, allowing him to open or close the face easily to control trajectory or react to the lie

The 60° Tiger Grind with 11° of Bounce

Additional leading edge relief provides improved turf interaction on the firm conditions commonly found on Tour, allowing Tiger to play a variety of shots. Designed for versatility, the grind lets Tiger be more aggressive on open-face wedge shots because the leading edge stays closer to the ground

RAW Face Technology

Omitting plating from the face and grooves allows for precise shotmaking and is designed to optimize spin and feel, especially in wet conditions

ZTP Raw Groove Design

Sharper, Deeper, Narrower Groove, sharper radii engineered for more greenside spin

Thick-Thin Head Design

Mass placement for enhanced feel while optimizing CG location for precise flight

Laser Etched Pattern

Laser etching between the grooves on the raw face creates a rougher surface designed for more greenside spin

Milled Grind

Milled Grind wedges ensure precision where it matters most. The milling process maximizes consistency, maintaining tolerance levels difficult for a human to repeat

5 L 23 61.5 2.5mm 37.5" C4
6 L 26 62 2.5mm 36.75" C4
7 L 29 62.5 2.5mm 36.25" C4
8 L 33 63 3mm 35.75" C4
9 L 38 63.5 3.5mm 35.25" C4
PW L 43 64 3.5mm 34.75" C4
AW L 48 64 4.5mm 34.5" C5
SW L 54 64 5mm 34.25" C6

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