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Bushnell Pro XE Laser Range Finder Review

Why Should This be in Your Bag?

With yardage (or meterage for our continental customers) remaining one of the game’s true variables the question I would ask is ‘why not?’ and that goes for all distance measuring devices. To have the ability to know how far you have to a target presents a great opportunity to rid any guess work.

What makes the Pro XE such a great model is it is packed with useful features namely a slope switch which means golfers can benefit from using the slope mechanism in practice rounds and then use within tournaments (legally). The unit is also waterproof – great for those playing in all conditions and elements compensation which will give an even better idea of how long or short the shot really is.

Will I See This on Tour?

Not in tournament rounds as DMDs are still banned for use on the major tours but according to Bushnell 99% of tour players and their caddies are using their product in practice rounds (look for the giant empty bum bag looking pouch on the tour bag).

Who is the Pro XE For?

If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like the frills and tech of GPS displays and like readily available accurate yardages at the click of a button then this is definitely for you.

Any Insider Tips?

Firstly, do not despair, replacement batteries are available – Sainsbury’s and Tesco have them. Secondly, with a coaches head on, think about what you do with the yardage knowledge. Far too often you see good players muck up by playing the yardage and not thinking about the green/hole layout.

Key Benefits:

  • Slope switch
  • Waterproof construction
  • Elements compensation

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