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TaylorMade p790 and P790 UDI Irons Review

It’s rare that an iron comes along that is suitable for a strong majority of golfers and the original p790 was just that. A forgiving, distance iron that was easy on the eye for the better player.

To improve on an already great product, the R & D guys at TaylorMade have made a number of small but significant tweaks. The speed pocket design has been changed to increase ball speed on off centre strikes so in a nutshell the ball is going further when you don’t flush it.

There has been a focus on addressing some of the issues with the previous generation of p790 irons. Many players, especially bigger hitters, complained that the long irons went too far thus making distance control a challenge. To combat this, there is now 15% more tungsten in the heads of the 3-7 irons to make the irons launch higher and spin a fraction more which will aid with this distance control. The hollow sound of the previous model has been addressed by improving the forged head construction giving a more solid sound and feel and the great new Dynamic Gold VSS Pro shaft is outstanding at absorbing vibrations on off centre hits.

The UDI, made very popular by Dustin Johnson and Rory has also been improved but the focus has been on the shaft offering. The HZRDUS black smoke is now the stock shaft option and available in 90 grams and 105 gram shaft in x stiff.

Will I see this on tour?
The UDI is already being used and will be put in more and more. With the changes to the irons, especially the increase in spin in the longer irons, it is conceivable tour players will see the benefits to using them.

Should this be in my bag?
If you love the look and feel of a players iron but the forgiveness and distance of a game improvement iron then look no further. The fact that these new p790 irons are now easier to control in terms of distance will be great for scoring.

Any insider tips?
Be careful when deciding the set make up. The long irons in this set are quite low lofted so its important to make sure there are no overlaps at the distance end of the bag. On a similar note maybe look at the A wedge to complement the set and help with distance gapping.

Key Benefits

  • Great distance and forgiveness whilst retaining players’ club performance
  • Amazing forged feel
  • High quality shafts as standard


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