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Titleist TS2 and TS3 Woods Review

Now that they’re out, I’ve been fitted for the new drivers and fairway woods and to agree with (allegedly) Justin Thomas these drivers really are the ****.  As with previous designs, Titleist have produced two different models, the TS2 Driver and TS2 Fairway, a higher spinning theoretically more forgiving model and the TS3 Driver and TS3 Fairway which is lower spinning, potentially long but maybe less suited to the inconsistent golfer.

In a way, Titleist have reacted to the market. The TS2 features hosel only adjustment which is great for the golfer that knows what they like and like what they know whereas the TS3 features absolutely every bit of Titleist driver tech including the sure fit system. Combined with some incredible (longer) aftermarket shafts, these drivers are great for every level of golfer and, hopefully going to go some way in helping Titleist drop its reputation for being exclusively for the better player.

Andy's Pro Tip

Hit the ball out the heel as your bad shot? Set the head in the upright position to realign the middle of the face and watch it head off like a rocket.


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