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TaylorMade's New Addition is the M4 Range

The relentless push towards the perfection of golfing technology continues into 2018 unabated and always forward with the introduction of the new TaylorMade M4. This range of golf clubs has taken the victories and successes amassed by pro golfers and amateurs using the M1 and M2 predecessor and grown into something quite unique. Some brand new features have been added while others have been developed, refined and preserved in addition. These new M4 clubs are reaching towards the ultimate goal of distance, forgiveness and playability in a way that is unlike anything else. 2018 is set to be one of the most exciting times thanks to the hard work and dedication of the designers and engineers at TaylorMade.

M4 Driver

Creating consistent, accurate distance is the aim of every golfer from the rank amateur to the greatest players to ever grace the game. The new TaylorMade M4 driver brings together a number of technologies to help any golfer make the most of their swing. The new Twist Face is a revolutionary new way to help correct the ball flight on off center shots and control both loft and spin for the most commonly mis-hit shots. Directly behind the new ultra thin Twist Face is the Hammerhead Slot which has been added to enlarge the sweet spot. The outer portion of the Hammerhead Slot has been reinforced while the center portion reduces unwanted spin and adds the all important distance. The geocustic design of the clubhead results in a slightly reduced volume but a more explosive, sold sound that is a joy to hear.

TaylorMade M4 Driver

M4 Fairway Woods

The new M4 Fairway Woods have two main aims - power and forgiveness. Sleeker and more refined in appearance this new driver has been crafted to create ball speed using TaylorMade’s most advanced speed pocket to date. Weight is managed by two split weight pads that increase MOI and distribute the perimeter weight to increase stability. Weight has been saved from the crown by using a 5 layer carbon construction which is not only super lightweight but also stiffer than the metal alternatives. Thinner lighter weight materials have also been used in the clubface, the Ni-Co 300 steel face to increase ball speed. This M4 fairway is perfect for those that want incredible sound, feel and playability from their clubs. The club profile is low with an easy launching shape that is both confidence inspiring and easy to play.

New 2018 TaylorMAde M4 Fairway Woods

M4 Rescue Club

This is the new TaylorMade M4 Rescue club and it has been designed to give golfers a “Go To” club that works in a wide range of situations; make no mistake the new M4 is a true hybrid golf club. In the sole there are two weight pads that have been split to optimise weight distribution, increase MOI and keep weight low in the clubhead and increase ball speed. At address the two tone crown inspires confidence and makes alignment simple. The Speed Pocket is a TaylorMade creation that has featured on a number of clubs in the past. In this current form the speed pocket is the most advanced it has ever been and has been lengthened to optimise the flexibility of the face. When hit low on the face the advantages of the speed pocket become more apparent as ball speed is preserved increasing distance on slight mishits.


New TaylorMade M4 Rescue golf club

M4 Irons

The new TaylorMade M4 Irons are built around the new RIBCOR technology that stiffens the perimeter of the clubhead. This additional rigidity has two key effects - firstly it gives a distinct sound and feel to every hit and second it focuses face flex in the hitting area of the face. This second effect aids in energy return to the ball which increases ball speed, distance and accuracy. If forgiveness is divine then these new M4 irons should be sanctified as they have been optimised to do just that. The heel and toe weighting has increased the MOI over the 2017 M2 irons by 24% while the speed pocket and thin leading edge combine to increase the speed of low face shots. As much weight as possible has been stripped out of disadvantageous positions and redistributed lower to increase launch and distance.

New TaylorMade M4 Irons

When are the New M4 Clubs Available?

We have teamed up with TaylorMade to get information about these new clubs out as soon as we can. We will be stocking the new M4 the second we are able and will be making them available to pre-order in early February. In the meantime we will be adding more images, more information and more detail about the technology in both the M4 and M3 golf clubs as it becomes available. Sign up to the JamGolf newsletter now to stay ahead of the game and receive exclusive information and deals. Simply pop your email address in the signup box below and click "Sign Up"

The New TaylorMade M3 Golf Clubs

Along with these incredible clubs TaylorMade are also releasing the M3 Driver, Fairway, Rescue and Irons. Find out More about TaylorMade M3 Here

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