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TaylorMade Stealth

TaylorMade have always delivered incredible golfing products, none more so than their fabled ranges of golf clubs. But with their new Stealth range they have once again lifted the bar, improving on their SIM2 range and offering a range of clubs that look inspirational, feel modern, and provide ample forgiveness. If it’s good enough for Tiger, it should be good enough for everyone.


TaylorMade Stealth Driver Range

TaylorMade have opened the door to a new generation of golf club design with their new Stealth Carbonwood driver. Paving the way for new driver technology their Stealth Driver range comes with 60X Carbon Twist Face, courtesy of twenty years development and the acknowledgement that a focus on titanium faces may be holding players back from adding yards to their drive. But this new tech loses nothing of the sound and feel of a traditional driver, through nimble structural design behind the face and within the driver heads.

60x Carbon Twist Face

TaylorMade has changed golf forever: the strategically wrapped and placed carbon face improves energy transfer across the face, and increases drive speed, without losing the sound and feel of a traditional driver.

Nanotexture Cover

Stealth Drivers are covered in a unique Polyurethane, improving friction at ball impact and creating a more controlled spin, and more aggressive and directed launch.

Weight saving

The carbon-faced Stealth Drivers are 44% lighter than titanium-faced drivers, keeping weight lower in the head for added forgiveness.

Asymmetric Inertia Generator and High MOI Design

The clubheads have been forged with one thing in mind - to create the most speed as possible in the moments before impact. The breakthrough design of the Stealth Driver range improves MOI and optimises your launch.

TaylorMade Stealth Irons

A set of new-look, game improving, irons also feature in the 2022 TaylorMade Stealth range.

The Cap Back Design with toe wrap construction is engineered for more face flexibility, a better sweet spot, more power, and high launch.

Cap Back Design and Toe Wrap Construction

The essence of this unique, multi-material design is the not-so-subtle repositioning of mass from the toe of the head to the sole, creating a game-changing low CG and a shed load of flex in the face.

Echo Damping System

The inclusion of a soft polymer blend just behind the face channels away harsh vibrations and gives the feel of a forged iron.

Intelligently placed Sweet Spot

To get the envious amount of launch a Stealth Iron creates, TaylorMade have perfected, and expanded, their sweet spot that now spans the most common strike points on the face.

The Stealth Irons Men's and Women's range feature the KBS Max 85 MT or Fujikura Ventus shafts, and a Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.

TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Woods

TaylorMade are coining their Stealth Fairways' range as "your new reliable". Stealth Fairways feature a truly unique 3D carbon crown, which has been constructed to give you increased forgiveness and playability across your game, and an update to their much vaunted V Steel design.

3D Carbon Crown

A carbon "roof" on the club head pulls weight away from the high toe area, focusing the remaining weight towards the rear of the club to improve playability and consistency.

V Steel Design

This unique bit of tech has been improved to further reduce friction at impact, and has been crafted to better redistribute the weight of this impressive and effective steel feature.

Laser Alignment and Twist Face

A "laser etched alignment aid" has been included into the face to offer better augment aim and direction of swing, and the Stealth Twist Face uses corrective angles to mitigate those pesky mishits, creating an incredibly playable and forgiving club.

TaylorMade Stealth Rescue Clubs

Designed to complement the Stealth Fairways, the Stealth Hybrid range - known as the Rescue - comes built with a carbon crown, the mass redistribution of which gives these hybrids exceptional stability.

Carbon Crown

The addition of a carbon crown has lifted 7g of mass from the club, giving golfers 15% more MOI than from other TaylorMade ranges like the SIM2.

V Steel sole

Similar to the Fairway range, an ultra-heavy V steel sole keeps weight low in the club, enhancing turf contact and creating a usable, playable club for any golfer.

C300 Steel Twist Face

The crafting of a C300 steel face on the Stealth Rescue hybrid means you retain power through your strike. For golfers prone to the odd miss-hit the Twist Face rectifies wayward strikes and provides ample shot correction.

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