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Titleist Drivers

As with all things created by the company Titleist drivers are produced with one goal in mind; make it the best it possibly can be. With each iteration the technology, shape and colour may change by degrees but the soul of a Titleist driver lies in the sound and feel that makes it a joy to hit with. In 1935 the first Titleist ball became available but it would be another 49 years before the public saw the first Titleist driver - The Original Metal Woods in 1984. Unlike some other golf brands Titleist do not bring out a new driver every year just to keep up with the competition. Instead, each release comes when it is perfected and thoroughly tested so that the public and pros get the very best the company can create.

At Jamgolf we appreciate the longer product cycle of Titleist drivers as it gives us the maximum amount of time possible to fully appreciate the subtlety and grace of these outstanding clubs. It also gives us a greater appreciation and ability to better advise our customers on why these incredible clubs could make such a difference to their enjoyment of and success in golf.

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