Yonex Drivers

The shaft on a Yonex driver may look like many others at first glance but delve a little deeper and it is easy to see the difference. Yonex is a graphite specialist and they bring this specialisation to bear in the production of their shafts using a higher percentage of graphite to improve the dynamics of the club overall. Being made in Japan, every Yonex driver is subject to incredible levels of scrutiny that give rise to incredible premium products. When you play a club like the Yonex Royal Ezone driver you notice that it is designed with the club player in mind. Launch is higher, centre of gravity is lower and the overall forgiveness of the club is incredibly satisfying.

If you have never tried a Yonex driver or would like to know more about the outstanding golf clubs that Yonex produce we want to hear from you. Our team are well versed in all things Yonex Golf and will be more than happy to talk you through the options you have for your new Yonex driver.

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