Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Steel Shafts

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Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Steel Shafts

New for 2017 the Revolutionary Callaway Steelhead XR Irons -One of the longest irons the PGA Professionals at JamGolf have ever hit!

The Steelhead XR iron takes its styling from probably Callaways most sucessful ever iron the XR 14 Steelhead iron.

Based on the X14 Steelhead irons these provide clasical looks but with the added performance of Callaways revoloutionary 360 Face Cup Technology.

This simply makes the face flex at impact giving added speed,efficiency and high launch. 

Very clean lines to this iron ensure great looks,great feel and cocnsitent playability so suit a wide range of golfers.

Strong lofts usually mean low ball flights however the Steelhear XR launches the ball surprising high.

JamGolf would suggest thought goes in to loft choices in the wedges,In our opinion the AW or a 50 Degree specialist wedge is vital in this set 

Fitted with the TT XP 95 shaft as standard JamGolf also offer lots of different FOC shaft options via our Custom shaft option list. If you are unsure please speak to one of JamGolf's PGA Professionals.

JamGolf and Callaway offer a 2 Year warranty on all Steelherad XR Irons 

Mens Steelhead XR 16 Irons Product Specs

NameLoftAvailabilityStandard LengthLieOffsetGraphite Swing WeightSteel Swing Weight
#3 18° RH / LH 39.5" 60.00° 0.220 D0 D2
#4 20.5° RH / LH 38.875" 60.50° 0.200 D0 D2
#5 23° RH / LH 38.25" 61.25° 0.180 D0 D2
#6 26° RH / LH 37.625" 62.00° 0.160 D0 D2
#7 30° RH / LH 37.00" 62.50° 0.150 D0 D2
#8 34.5° RH / LH 36.50" 63.00° 0.140 D0 D2
#9 39° RH / LH 36.00" 63.50° 0.130 D0 D2
PW 44° RH / LH 35.75" 64.00° 0.120 D0 D2
AW 49° RH / LH 35.50" 64.00° 0.110 D0 D2
SW 54° RH / LH 35.25" 64.00° 0.100 D1 D2
LW 59° RH / LH 35.00" 64.00° 0.080 D1 D2


Callaway Steelhead XR and Steelhead XR Pro irons

Reviewed By: Andy Myers

It’s fair to say when I first saw these irons as a sample I couldn’t help but start to feel nostalgic. Callaway produced a number of Steelhead models in the early ‘00s and many were as great performing as they were popular. The X-12 and X-14 models were in the bags (and maybe still are in rare cases) of club golfers and tour professionals alike and it’s this design that these irons are a clear throwback to but with a modern twist.

Unlike remakes in other parts of life (I’m thinking of ‘The Italian Job’) these are a great modern reimagination that appeal to a number of golfers. Looking down on clubs the first thing you’ll notice is the midsize topline and a relatively minimal offset given that these fall under the game improvement section of the iron market which mean they are forgiving to a great extent but also suitable for the mid handicapper. The main thing I do, however, need to get across is that these are not simply a throwback but a seriously good set of golf clubs. Callaway have integrated their incredibly fast 360 Face Cup into these irons which allows the COR to move to 0.825 (the R&A limit is 0.83 for woods). Ultimately these irons are long and look great. They sound solid with a big sound which the more I coach and fit is appearing to be as popular as the buttery softer sound. The fact Callaway have also reintroduced the S2H2 hosel has also allowed an improved MOI which makes them more forgiving than the originals.

So there you have it. Long, forgiving and fantastically familiar.

As with the Steelhead X-12 and X-14, Callaway have produced a pro model to complement the range. First thing you’ll notice is the finish of these beasts. They have a black finish that is a hell of a lot duller than the Steelheads which I for one love as it reduces glare. This also gives the illusion of a narrower top edge and makes them look a little more of a player’s iron. The reduced cavity combined with strong lofts give a lower ball flight than the standard Steelhead iron which will appeal to better players. All in all, an iron with packaged forgiveness and great workability.

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Callaway Steelhead XR and Steelhead XR Pro irons

It’s fair to say when I first saw these irons as a sample I couldn’t help but start to feel nostalgic. Callaway produced a number of Steel...

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Reviewed by: Andy Myers


Rated Excellent

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