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TaylorMade M6 Driver

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TaylorMade M6 Driver - Injected with Speed

This is the new M6 Driver and, unlike any other club (except the M5) each one that leaves the factory has been individually inspected and tuned. This level of attntion to detail is unprecedented in golf club manufacture and involes a process of testing to determine the club speed as it rolls off the production line. Following on from this testing each club is injected with resin to maximise ball speed and bring up up to or as close as possible to the legal limit.

The dedication TaylorMade have shown to optimising this club means that when you step up to the tee you know you're getting every possible inch out of your swing. For most of us, this level of precision would be enough to make us part with some cash to see the M6 Driver in our golf bag but that's not all you get. The new M6 is fully loaded with complementary technology to help get the most out of every shot.


  • Individual tuning and resin injection to maximise speed
  • The M6 is at the absolute limit of legal ball speed


  • Corrective face curvature to keep your shot straighter
  • More loft at the high toe and less at the low heel to improve the results of a misshit


  • Aerodynamic head shape for improved club head speed
  • A huge 46g "Inertia Generator" to add mass in the right place


  • More flexibibility in the Hammerhead Slot
  • Works in co0njunction with the Speed Pocket

“Speed Injected Twist Face delivers a hot, yet accurate performance package in the new M6 driver. When you combine that with added clubhead speed through advanced aerodynamics, the result is a complete driver that delivers on all fronts."

Brian Bazzel | Vice President Product Creation

M6 DRIVER RH/LH 56° - 60° 460CC 45.75" D3
M6 DRIVER 10.5° RH/LH 56° - 60° 460CC 45.75" D3
M6 DRIVER 12° RH 56° - 60° 460CC 45.75" D3

Stock Shafts


TaylorMade M6 Driver Stock Shaft 1

FlexWeightTorqueTip sizeLaunchSpin
S 55G 5.1 .335 MID-HIGH MID
R 54G 5.2 .335 MID-HIGH MID-HIGH
A 53G 5.4 .335 HIGH MID-HIGH


TaylorMade M6 Driver Stock Shaft 2

FlexWeightTorqueTip sizeLaunchSPIN
X 67G 4.2 .335 MID MID
S 66G 4.2 .335 LOW-MID LOW
R 65G 4.2 .335 LOW-MID LOW


TaylorMade M6 Driver Stock Grip

ModelColorSizeWeightTypeButt SizeFeel

TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers Review

TaylorMade aren’t exactly known for short product cycles but do they do make the number 1 driver on tour which given the number of great drivers out there is some achievement.

This driver confirms what we already knew to some extent, that as a result of manufacturing processes, for years tour professionals have been using slightly superior equipment than is available to the rest of the market. Taylor Made have identified that in past some ‘hot’ drivers have been made that are on or very near to the legal COR limit which are hand picked for the tour or make their way onto general sale, demo equipment and the like.

To combat this the M5, M6 and M6 D Type drivers have Injected Twist Face. In a nutshell, this means that the drivers are first made ‘illegal’ then injected to bring the driver onto the legal limit. This helps you the golfer with maximising your ball speed and therefore distance. The driver has plenty of other great tech too including the aforementioned twist face to help you with straightening out off centre hits as well as plenty of real adjustability in both drivers, especially the M5 which features the T Track system which optimises your spin and trajectory conditions.

Will I see this on tour?

Yes both are well used on tour and at time of writing the M5 has both 2019 majors in the bag.

Should this be in my bag?

If you want a long, forgiving driver the M5 or M6 is for you. Better players may also want to look into the M5 Tour. With its smaller, more traditional profile it’s great at reducing spin. Want to reduce your fade or slice? Opt for the D Type Any insider tips? The beauty of this range is that it has a driver for anybody. Speak to one of our PGA professionals today for any advice!

Key Benefits:

  • Hot face for great distance
  • Adjustability throughout to help with spin and trajectory
  • Genuine after market shafts as standard

Here's our pro review of this product

TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers

TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers Review TaylorMade aren’t exactly known for short product cycles but do they do make the number 1 driver on tour whi...

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Reviewed by: Phil Sykes


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