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TaylorMade's New Addition is the M3 Range

TaylorMade saw great success in 2017 with the M family of clubs becoming what many believed to be the ultimate in distance, forgiveness, adjustability and technological advancement. This belief was well founded as the M1 and M2 appeared again and again in the bags of the elite as they swung to their way victory. With all that was achieved with these flagship clubs it would have been easy to simply continue as before but the drive towards perfection that is at the heart of the company can not be stifled. The new TaylorMade M3 range features some new and exciting technology as well as some surprising improvements over previous generations.

M3 Driver

New for 2018 the M3 Driver features TaylorMade’s innovative Twist Face design. The club face is curved to correct the flight of off centre hits and mitigate side spin. By changing the way club face and ball interact the M3 driver gives more consistent spin where most mis-hits occur. Directly behind the face is the new Hammerhead slot that allows the face to be much thinner, lighter and more flexible with a larger sweet spot. Finally, and perhaps most obviously, the new M3 driver comes complete with two moveable 11g weights that follow a Y-Track in the sole of the club. The number of positional permutations that are now possible makes the M3 driver one of the most adjustable golf clubs the world has ever seen.

New TaylorMade M3 Driver

M3 Fairway Woods

The M3 fairway wood is a triumph of technology and a shining example of what is possible when multi-material construction is done right. One of the first things that stands out is the amount of adjustability provided by an extended track along which a 29g weight can be moved. This large weight does not make the the M3 fairway heavier thanks to the weight saved in both the crown and sole. Here there are ultralightweight multi-layer carbon panels that have freed up a total of 8g. It may not sound like much but shaving 8g off such a small area is proof of the engineering genius of TaylorMade. The familiar speed pocket is back but this time it has made longer to increase flexibility and add even more ball speed.

New 2018 TaylorMAde M3 Fairway Woods

M3 Rescue Club

Sending the ball in the right direction predictably is impossible without first ensuring correct alignment. The M3 Rescue has been designed to inspire confidence at address by providing clear visual cues to position the club head properly in relation to the lie of the ball. Staying relaxed through the shot is easier when confidence is high. TaylorMade’s speed pocket is once again present and provides greater distance without any sacrifice to control by increasing speed and simultaneously reducing spin. It is now possible to tune the new M3 rescue club to suit your swing perfectly. A colossal 30g weight can be moved across the sole to create more or less fade and draw depending on the preference of the individual golfer.


New TaylorMade M3 Rescue golf club

M3 Irons

The new TaylorMade M3 Irons are all about distance and come fully loaded with the technology needed to gain those extra yards while staying firmly in control of the ball. Using the RIBCOR system the club face has been stiffened at the perimeter while remaining flexible where it counts. The rigid structure created by this construction gives the M3 irons a superb sound and feel. Placement of the center of gravity has been optimised by the deployment of a 15g tungsten weight that placed to improve the moment of inertia as well. Turf interaction is managed by increasing the sole radius which has the added benefit of improving the view at address making the M3 a truly superior iron for those that are seeking additional distance.

New TaylorMade M3 Irons

When Can You Buy the New TaylorMade M3 Clubs?

The team at Jamgolf have been working closely with TaylorMade to get you the news about the M3 club launch as soon as possible. One of our PGA Pros Matt Groves has already been to test the M3 Driver, M3 Fairways, M3 Rescue and M3 Irons on a recent demo day and had this to say about the new range “The new M3 clubs are a joy to use and balance the needs of the tour pro with those of the more regular player”. We will be making the new clubs available as soon as possible so make sure to check back regularly or Sign Up to our newsletter for exclusive deals and news about the new additions to the M family.

The New TaylorMade M4 Golf Clubs

Along with these game changing clubs TaylorMade are also releasing the M4 Driver, Fairway, Rescue and Irons. Find out More about TaylorMade M4 Here

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