Subject Access Request Policy

Under Section 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) individuals are granted the right to make requests for copies of the information an organisation holds on them. Requests for information held by JamGolf can be made by filling in the Subject Access Request Form and posting it back to JamGolf.

Requests can be made to:

  • Find out whether JamGolf holds any information on you
  • Be given a description of personal data (if any) held by JamGolf
  • Find out the reasons why personal data is being held or processed
  • Whether personal information will be shared with any third party organisation or individual
  • Be given a copy of the personal information (if any) held by JamGolf and details of the origin or source of that data (if it is known)

Requests for information made by the representative of an individual will only be processed where sufficient authority or confirmation of appropriate representation can be proven.

Requests for individual personal information will be dealt with in a timely manner within the prescribed time limit of 40 calendar days. Subject Access Requests for information made to JamGolf will incur an administrative fee of £25 In the case of a dispute about the individuals right to access data held by JamGolf due to special circumstances the request will be referred to the appropriate governing body to determine if the information is exempt from a Subject Access Request.

JamGolf does not accept responsibility for incorrectly completed forms or forms lost in transit.


Under certain special circumstances requests for information can be denied. The GDPR is intended to apply generally and exemptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may lead to a request either remaining unfulfilled or being fulfilled outside the 40 day deadline.

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