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Cobra Aerojet

The Cobra AEROJET series has taken speed to a whole new level, with a collection of clubs designed to add pace to every strike through unique aerodynamic, streamlined design.

As Cobra themselves say, these are clubs that are faster by design, and with each club type comes an added layer of distance, versatility and confidence.


The Cobra AEROJET Driver Range

One of the most forgiving but powerful of drivers on the market - a club designed to offer low spin and high launch via its unique symmetrical shaping and PWRSHELL L-cup technology. A suspended weight offers unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole to add distance to every ball strike.

The LS Driver variant is a tour-level, low-spin version of the powerful standard Driver design, and the MAX variant offers unparalleled draw bias and stability.


The Cobra AEROJET Irons Range

Hunting the green has never been this easy - the PWRSHELL insert and H.O.T face offers a large sweet spot and buckets of spin, and the suspended PWR-BRIDGE (which is suspended in a soft polymer filler) weight offers more flex on the face and impeccable acoustics.

The Cobra AEROJET Fairways Range

A forgiving green-finder with immense forgiveness. The PWR-BRIDGE suspended weight design offers speed, a single back-positioned weight offers incredible launch height and the PWRSHELL insert maximises speed - creating the perfectly balanced Fairway club. The LS variant offers a more compact head shape for more precise play, with the MAX variant offering an adjustable back and heel weight to add forgiveness.

The Cobra AEROJET Hybrids Range

The AEROJET hybrid range blends distance and high launch for a versatile approach game. A high bounce leading edge, PWR-BRIDGE suspended weight design and PWRSHELL insert guarantees an agile club fit for any game and any player at any level. This club also comes as a One Length variant.

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