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Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver

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Callaway's New Rogue Sub Zero Driver

Epic Ball Speed has gone Rogue

To dramatically change driver performance, you have to dramatically change driver dynamics. That’s what inspired Callaway R&D to break away from our own industry-leading metalwood design protocol to once again re-invent the driver. We took the revolutionary technologies that made GBB Epic the best-selling driver in Europe* and supercharged them to create Rogue, a driver that combines all we know about boosting ball speed with a new, MOI-enhancing shape that delivers extraordinary forgiveness.

Industry-leading ball speed comes from what we call “The Jailbreak Effect.” First, we enhanced our revolutionary Jailbreak technology with new, hourglass-shaped titanium bars, making them significantly lighter without affecting their ability to minimise crown and sole deflection at impact. That allows for a thinner face and better energy-transfer to the ball, to promote faster ball speed. Next, our enhanced X-Face architecture thickens and thins strategic areas of the face to promote higher ball speeds on off-center impacts and consistently high ball speed and long distance overall.

Rogue’s new and more forgiving 460cc shape boasts a larger address footprint than Epic, encouraging golfers to relax, cut loose and make a free and fast swing. Rogue’s extreme forgiveness is also made possible by our incredibly light and strong triaxial carbon crown, which allows more weight to be distributed into the head’s perimeter to increase stability on off-centre hits.

Callaway Rogue Driver Review

The Rogue had a tough act to follow with the amazing success of the Epic range in 2017 but Callaway have produced a great range of drivers with a model to suit all golfers and swings. The drivers still feature the jailbreak technology, the bars behind the face for the layman, which gives an incredible ball speed. A great addition this year are the premium shafts available including the Aldila Synergy, Project X EvenFlow and the HZRDS Yellow.

Callaway have produced three great driver models within this range, the sub zero, the Rogue and the Rogue draw. As with most driver ranges, the low spinning driver (the sub zero) has appealed to those more consistent players looking to maximise their distance off the tee and avoid that ‘ballooning’ ball flight. Combined with the HZRDS yellow, this really is a low spinning long distance machine but remember with low spin comes a real need for player consistency so these have only really been fitted to those with fast consistent swing speeds. Therefore, most golfers have gone for the standard Rogue or the Rogue Draw.

A great change seems to be that players are experiencing the ‘big left’ less than with the Epic. The Draw version of the Rogue Driver (not an option with the Epic) really has helped golfers with a, shall we call it, left to right issue!

All in all, a solid follow up to the Epic with some great custom options. As always if you need any help our expert PGA staff will be on hand to assist you.

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Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway Rogue Driver Review The Rogue had a tough act to follow with the amazing success of the Epic range in 2017 but Callaway have produced a great...

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Reviewed by: Andy Myers


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