Cobra F-Max Driver

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Cobra F-Max Driver

The idea of the Cobra F-Max driver sounds simple; create a club that makes it possible to achieve faster swing speeds, straighter drives and more distance without additional force. This is almost every golfer’s goal but it can be difficult, especially for those with slower swing speeds, to attain without putting more oomph into the club. More power usually results in reduced control and the result is an unpredictable ball flight and less confidence off the tee.

The new F-Max from Cobra Golf is the lightest overall driver they have ever produced. Every part of the club has been studied and trimmed down to save weight and make it possible for a moderate swinger to see an improvement in ball speed and distance. The shaft is lighter, the swing weight is lower and the grips are larger with the CG positioned towards the heel and a clear crown alignment indicator. Everything you could need to find the fairway more frequently.

LoftLengthSwing WeightVolumeStock FlexRH/LH
9.5º 45.25" D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH
10.5º 45.25" D1 460cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
11.5º 45.25" D0 460cc S, R, Lite RH

Rated Excellent

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