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Cobra F-Max Fairway

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Cobra F-Max Fairway Woods

The whole Cobra F-Max family has one common theme; to make it easier for those golfers with a lower swing speed to gain as much distance as possible while maintaining control. The best way to do this is to reduce the amount of weight in the club and make the grip easier to work with. The result is a fairway wood that launches higher, swings faster and hits further while being extra forgiving on those slightly off centre shots.

Along with reductions in the weight of the shaft and an increase in the size of the grip one of the key aspects of the new F-Max Fairway is the club face. A forged 455 stainless steel insert is used because it is capable of delivering more distance and ball speed even on off centre shots. The centre of gravity has been pushed back and towards the heel of the club to promote forgiveness and deliver the ball straighter. When combined with the very distinctive visual crown alignment it is easy to see how the F-Max Fairway is such a joy to use.

Model Loft Length SwingWeight Volume Stock  Flex RH/LH 
3 F 16° 42.75" D1 170cc S R Lite RH/LH
5 F 20° 42.25" D1 165cc S R Lite RH/LH
7 F 23° 41.75" D1 160cc S R Lite RH

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