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High launch with draw bias and Beta rich Ti face. Best for mid and lower swing speeds.

Extreme lightweight design to encourage a higher flight and draw bias – designed to work best with Mizuno's own Japan specification MFUSION 39g shaft. The ST200X head has its own unique shape, additional heel weight and upright lie angle, all working together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw flight. Built upon the increased ball speeds of Mizuno's new multi-thickness Beta Rich Forged Titanium face. 

"The ST200X is a totally new metalwood option for the west – overall more of a traditional Japanese specification. It's just as forgiving as the standard ST200 – but will suit players who lose distance through a consistent fade or a launch too low for their ball speed. To get the very most out of the head design, we'd recommend that the ST200X is matched with the Japan spec FUSION 39-gram graphite shaft."

  • 17% stronger face material – Multi thickness, Forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti is incredibly responsive across the clubface and maintains performance for longer (compared to traditional 6-4 Ti).
  • For mid to low swing speeds - Designed to work in tandem with Mizuno's own MFUSION 39gram graphite shaft – to increase clubhead speed and launch angle.
  • Draw profile - A completely unique head shape, designed with more mass in the heel and additional heel weight.
  • Predictable performance – Weight savings from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown used low and deep to combine low spin with stability from off-centre strikes.
  • Pure at impact - A collection of structural refinements to achieve a more tour preferred, solid sound at impact.
  • Loft adjustable by 4 degrees – with additional upright and flatter settings. 

Mizuno ST-200

Mizuno ST-200 Series

Mizuno is continuing their advance into the woods market this year with the ST-200 driver and fairway models. A brand that for a number of years have been widely associated with their forged irons now also produces a Metalwood family that meets the same high quality that you know to expect from Mizuno.
The ST-200 series is made up of 3 different models which all come with a Beta Rich Titanium face, constructed with multiple thicknesses to deliver high ball speeds on both centred and off centred strikes. Together with the Wave Sole, and the variable thickness graphite crown this makes the ST-200 series an exceptional driver both when it comes to distance and forgiveness.


This is the ultra-stable mid to low spin model. The stability comes from additional weighting pulled far back on the bottom of the clubhead. Mizuno had put in 11.6 gram of weighting to and delivers a very good balance between spin efficiency and forgiveness.

Who is this club aimed at?

Because Mizuno have been able to combine both low spin and forgiveness in the ST-200, normally you would have to pick one or the other, this driver is exceptional for any golfer with a mid to high swing speed.

Insider tips

The new addition to the already extensive Mizuno shaft options is the Mitsubishi Diamana Limited Edition shafts. And what a solid performer this shaft range have been so far. This shaft being added together with the ST-200 series is definitely not a coincidence.


This is the high launch and draw biased model in the ST-200 series. The draw bias comes from a unique head shape, with more mass and additional weighting in the heel. Designed to work together with Mizuno’s own MFUSION 39gram graphite shaft to increase clubhead speed and launch angle.

Who is this club aimed at?

This club is perfect for a golfer searching for a driver to help against a slice and if combined with the specially designed shaft from Mizuno also increase clubhead speed and distance.

Insider tips

In addition to the extra weight put in to make this club draw biased, if you play this club from the higher loft or upright setting this club will promote even more draw bias. In other words, if you struggle with a slice, that is the way to go.


This model is the most adjustable option in the ST-200 series. With the movable weighting this club offers options when it comes to fade or draw bias, and from mid spin all the way down to ultra-low spin.

Who is this club aimed at?

Because of the relative low spin this club delivers in all the different adjustment options this is a club that is best suited for a mid to high swing speed golfer with very good directional control.

Insider tips?

With the weight moved all the way forward this club will produce some absolute bombs when stuck correctly. And with the weight moved back and out in the toe is a great way to take the left side out of play.

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Mizuno ST-200

Mizuno ST-200 Series  Mizuno is continuing their advance into the woods market this year with the ST-200 driver and fairway models. A brand that ...

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