Yonex Ezone GS Ladies Irons

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Yonex Ezone GS Ladies Irons

A Four-Piece Graphite-Hybrid Iron Structure has been created for the EZONE GS iron. This revolutionary combination of a mild carbon steel body, tungsten plate, carbon graphite insert and maraging steel face offers maximum ball speed and distance, with an enlarged sweet spot for greater launch from all areas of the face. The advancement in new materials and technology create 10% greater distance from hits lower on the clubface, compared to its predecessor, the EZONE GT. The graphite acts as a damper amongst the harder metals to enhance playability and feel.

  • Shaft Construction: EX 330 Original Graphite
  • Grip: Yonex Original Rubber
  • Body Construction: 8620 Mild Carbon Steel casting
  • Face Construction: AM355 Maraging Steel casting
5 L 23 61.5 2.5mm 37.5" C4
6 L 26 62 2.5mm 36.75" C4
7 L 29 62.5 2.5mm 36.25" C4
8 L 33 63 3mm 35.75" C4
9 L 38 63.5 3.5mm 35.25" C4
PW L 43 64 3.5mm 34.75" C4
AW L 48 64 4.5mm 34.5" C5
SW L 54 64 5mm 34.25" C6

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