Ping G425 Max

Ping has been making fantastic drivers for years. Whilst not always the company that shouts the loudest with huge claims, it produces some continually refined driver ranges that suit all levels of golfer and the G425 Max is no exception. The Max sits within the G425 range as the most versatile and forgiving driver that will appeal to the largest number of golfers.

What Makes the Ping G425 Max Great?

The first thing I noticed is just how great this driver looks. The head is pretty much all black for a timeless finish, which in itself is great. But the futuristically named Tubulators on the top of the head, located for enhanced aerodynamic performance, also really help with alignment and confidence. Ping has also re-introduced an adjustable weight into its Max driver which at 26g really packs a punch that makes a real difference to ball flight. Following on from previous models it’s clear that this driver has a high MOI, as from early testing it is is a fairway finding machine that is proving itself to be longer than the high performing Ping models of recent years. The aforementioned weight will really help golfers in terms of fixing curvature issues they may be experiencing, whilst another great feature for golfers is Ping’s continued use of premium after-market shafts as standard, giving great customisation options. It’s also very important to note that Ping is offering Arccos smart grips in the traditional Ping grip colour code scheme. This is an amazing upgrade that allows golfers to sync their clubs to their phone to track their shots with the club it’s installed in.

Who is the Ping G425 Max for?

With all this in mind, it is hard to find a golfer this driver wouldn’t suit, with the possible exception of a serious slicer of the ball, or a golfer with consistent, fast swing, who may find they are losing ball speed. These players may be interested in Ping’s LST model which is an uncompromising, low spinning head design. Those that truly struggle with a slice may also benefit from looking at the SFT model.

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