Ping G425 SFT Driver

he G425 SFT is a great member of the latest Ping driver range. Whilst the Max is no doubt a very versatile, forgiving driver for those with a real slice, or those keen to hit a draw, it still might not be enough to give the desired ball flight. For those needing to correct the left to right curvature the SFT is likely to appeal to them. The SFT has a 23g tungsten weight in the heel of the club. This moves the centre of gravity into that position allowing the toe to come through quicker thus closing the clubface a little more.

What Makes the Ping G425 SFT Driver Great?

Ping claims that the SFT can correct the flight up to 25 yards, which is really appealing to those golfers who really need help with their ball flight. The club also has a lighter swing weight (D1) which helps with this ball flight even further. As with many manufacturers, Ping has put this draw biased technology into a great looking head – a fairly modern feature as up until quite recently draw biased clubs were almost exclusively hugely offset, cheap looking affairs. We see a fantastic looking black/grey head featuring the Turbulators that not only help with speed but also alignment. The stock and after-market shafts are also great, and the grips re-fitted with the Arccos caddie system, which when synced with your phone allows you to track your drives.

Who is the Ping G425 SFT Driver Best For?

In short, this driver is a great option for those looking to fix a slice or even promote a draw. The lighter swing weight is also going to help increase swing and ball speeds for those that really need the help in this department. As always, I’m keen to stress that there are not always hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting a driver, so please get in touch with a dedicated JamGolf PGA professional who will help talk through your options.

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