Yonex Fairway Woods

Yonex fairway woods have a technological advantage that derives from the length of time the engineers and designers at Yonex have been working with carbon composite materials. As early as 1982 when many manufacturers were still using wood in their fairway woods Yonex were producing clubs using raw carbon materials. This forward thinking attitude towards materials has led the company towards a back catalogue of fairway woods that have brought joy to golfers around the world.

Being adept with carbon fibre construction has put Yonex ahead when it comes to perfectly matching shafts to their fairway woods. Yonex shaft and club designers can work very closely together to produce true harmony in the end product. The current crop of Yonex fairway woods are among the most technologically advanced golf clubs on the market but they are still designed with the player in mind making them accessible and usable by most golfers.

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