Yonex Hybrids

Yonex hybrid golf clubs, like all rescues, are a relatively new addition to the Japanese company's arsenal. The same attention to detail in club design and manufacture can be found all over each club in the range and, as always, graphite shafts are perfectly matched to give the best result. The company stands out as one that produces products for players at every level of any game so you can be sure to find a Yonex hybrid that will suit your swing and play style.

Whichever end of the skill spectrum you come from there is a Yonex hybrid that can help you cover the last yards before reaching for an iron. In many ways the Yonex rescue club can be thought of as a number 8 iron that gives you the accuracy and control of a shorter club with the swing, strike and ball speed of a wood. If you need any more information about Yonex hybrids or any of their other clubs or shafts get in touch with the jamGolf team today.

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