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Yonex Ezone GS (Graphite Speed) Driver

A high-tensile, Honeycomb Structure Graphite Crown allows more flex than ever before at the top of the driver face. A matte finish shows off the quality of the graphite manufacturing on the crown of the club. A second-generation Power Groove Solehas been added to the sole of the driver to allow maximum repulsion from low on the clubface. This combination of technologies has created a high-repulsion clubface with an enlarged sweet spot and optimum ball speeds across all areas of the face. Vertical Polish on the driver face allows the golf ball to slide upwards on the face at impact, dramatically reducing the amount of sidespin that is created compared to a ‘traditional’ horizontally polished or milled clubface where the spin axis becomes tilted. The  driver  operates  Yonex’s Quick  Adjust  System® for  custom  fitting  and personalised playability. 

  • High-tensile matte finish graphite crown for maximum ball speed on high strikes
  • Power Groove Sole for maximum ball speeds on low strikes, first fully-repulsive face
  • Vertically polished face minimizes sidespin for straighter shots and tighter dispersion
  • Faster kick-back 53g (Reg) EX330 shaft for higher stability and more clubhead speed
  • Head Construction: 6-4 titanium casting + graphite crown
  • Shaft Construction: EX 330 Graphite
  • Grip: Yonex Original Rubber
  • Face Construction: Super-TIX51AF Titanium Rolled Material
  • Crown Construction: Open Weave Graphite
9 S 45.5" 58.5 56g 4.8 D2-3
9 R 45.5" 58.5 53g 4.9 D2-3
10.5 S 45.5" 58.5 56g 4.8 D2-3
10.5 R 45.5" 58.5 53g 4.9 D2-3
10.5 SL 45.5" 58.5 51g 5 D2-3
12 R 45.5" 58.5 53g 4.9 D2-3
12 SL 45.5" 58.5 51g 5 D2-3

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